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VMware vSphere ESX/ESXi vMotion migration fails

Do you face VMware vSphere vMotion migration fails with “Migration Error”? not sure how to fix it? below are the three solutions, which helps you to resolve the “Migration Error” issues.

VMware vSphere ESX/ESXi vMotion migration fails

Alarm “Migration Error” on <Server name,VM> triggered by event 11389939 “Cannot migrate <Server name,VM>  from Host to destination host

Problem: Using VMware vSphere ESX/ESXi 4.x vMotion migration fails with error, Alarm “Migration Error” on <Server name,VM> triggered by event 11389939 “Cannot migrate <Server name,VM>  from Host to destination host

Cause: This error may occur if we have alarm configured for VMotion, storage, data store etc.

The issue you face for above error is you may experience the VM vmotion is not happening, Get stuck while migrating VM, VM can’t move to other hosts, Vmotion failed with alarm migration error.

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Solution: 1 Disable hot migration support setting à

Log in to vSphere and select the host on which VM is running

  • Go to the Configuration tab of the host.
  • Select the  “Advanced Settings” below the software area setting.
  • In advance, setting click on  “Migrate” option from the list of the left side.
  • Change setting “Migrate.Enabled” to 0 and hit ok.
  • Then go back to the same setting and set it to 1 and hit ok.
    Also, check for obvious vMotion problems. SSH to one of your ESX hosts and ping all the vMotion ip addresses on your network. Make sure they all respond.

Solution2: Edit related alarm settingà

Address the root cause of the condition that triggered the alarm. vSphere alarms are set on the vCenter Server and all alarm inherited to the objects which are in VCenter .

Check the Alarm depend on what error you are getting for vmotion failure which is related to storage, data store related to VM and make sure not setting are defined to stop Vmotion if data store usage is more than 90% either by increasing the value or disabling alarm for time being the issue can be sorted out.

Also, check /var/spool/SNMP and check directory are not full.

Solution 3: Login to WebClient and locate the VM then try to migrate the VM. (web client available from esxi5 onwards)

  • Right click on VM
  • Click on migrate select change host
  • Select host make sure vmotion validation successful
  • Click on ok to start migration

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I hope this article provides you the information about, VMware vSphere ESX/ESXi vMotion migration fails. Thank you for studying!!. Be Social and share it in social media, if you really feel worth sharing it.

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