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Difference between NAS vs DAS vs SAN vs Cloud Storage

This is post let us see the difference between NAS vs DAS vs SAN vs Cloud Storage, For many years, external drives were the choice for consumers with huge data storage and data transfer needs, but those good old days are gone. Network storage will be the future of storage, and you will find four important types to take into consideration they are cloud, NAS, DAS, and SAN.



What is Cloud Storage:
Rather than maintaining an external drive connected to your computer, Cloud storage satisfies almost all of the same needs as external drives. Cloud storage is the place, where you can store important computer data over a cluster of remote servers (“the cloud”) which can be accessed on the internet anywhere in the world. Even if your computer hard disk crashes, your own data still is available over the cloud storage. The majority of the cloud storage services provides automatic syncing, which can be much more convenient.

What is NAS Storage:
Network attached storage (NAS) looks like as external storage. But rather than plugging into one device at a time by USB cable, it mounts by itself over a LAN(local area network). Ethernet is considered the most common and desired way, however, many can mount themselves with Wi-Fi too. In NAS you will get an external drive and made it available to multiple device at the same time.
If you configure your network for remote access, you have access to NAS storage everywhere, as long as you have an internet access.

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What is SAN Storage:
Storage area network (SAN) just like NAS, a SAN offloads data storage space from desktop computers and server machines to dedicated storage devices. But NAS is an unbiased device, a SAN is a network of interconnected storage devices. Both of them are connected throughout the local area network (LAN).
SAN vs NAS: Difference between the NAS vs SAN is, the SAN are lower level than NAS. The data avaliable on the NAS is managed by the NAS itself and therefore presented as “files,” in contrast to the data within a SAN is raw and utilized as “blocks.”

What is DAS Storage:
Difference between NAS vs DAS vs SAN: SAN and NAS are network-based storage, As intended through the name, a direct attached storage (DAS) is required to be physically attached to any device that wants to access its data. NAS and SAN are networked based storage and DAS is non-networked storage. Examples for DAS: Hard drives, flash drives, CD/DVD drives, and external drives.

If your a home users, cloud storage is simpler. Just install some software and you’re ready to go.

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