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How to get VMware ESXi Free License Keys

VMware provides ESXi 6.0 License Key as a free version of their Hypervisor ESXi for everyone, in this post I will guide you how to apply VMware Free License to VMware ESXi 6.0. Even though the product is offered for free of charge, it should be licensed. else, it sets up as Sixty days trial, which usually expires after 60 days, from VMware website we can create the ESXi free license key.

ESXi License

Free VMware ESXi 6.0 Limitations:

1. Cannot be managed by vCenter server (Can manage by vSphere client)
2. Maximum of 8 vCPU per VM
3. Unlimited cores per CPU
4. Unlimited physical Memory
5. Dose not offers HA, vMotion etc..,

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How to Apply VMware ESXi Free License:

As I mentioned early, VMware Hypervisor expires after 60 days, so we need to enter the serial number within this 60 days period.
1. Go to VMware Hypervisor (ESXi free) 6.0 download page.
2. Login or create an account
3. Download ESXi ISO ImageESXi Free License
4. Get ESXi license: “VMware vSphere Hypervisor 6 License”ESXi Free License
4. After ESXi 6.0 installation.
5. Login into vSphere Client
6. Go to Configuration -> Licensed Features
7. Click Edit… and enter your license key

ESXi Free License

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