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Difference between AWS and Openstack

In this article, let us see the Difference between AWS and Open-stack. There is little doubt about the popularity of Amazon Web Services (AWS) as one of the top cloud-computing platforms available today. However, it is receiving some stiff competition from OpenStack, an up-and-coming company that is quickly asserting itself as a formidable challenger. While it is still far behind Amazon AWS in terms of overall popularity, it is supported by over 500 companies and rising.

Difference between AWS and OpenstackDifference between AWS and Openstack

What is OpenStack?

It is a software platform that is free and open sourced for cloud computing. It consists of components that work together in controlling hardware pools of storage, processing, and the use of network resources for a data center.

Launched in 2010, OpenStack enjoyed a major boost in its popularity around 2013 when companies like Yahoo!, Comcast, Fujitsu, GoDaddy, and Google to name a few decided to contribute to its efforts. The OpenStack summit is held annually which announces new services and goals for the company. The system itself is very accessible with those using the OpenStack tutorial to guide them into incorporating their own software systems into the cloud-computing platform.

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How Amazon Web Services and OpenStack Compare

Although both are seemingly in the same business, there are substantial differences when it comes to the focus of both companies. This is because Amazon is simply so much bigger and more profitable that OpenStack works mostly to fill in the gaps left behind by the AWS.

For example, OpenStack offers different forms of API compatibility which makes it easier for businesses to actually interoperate with the AWS system. However, the biggest difference is that OpenStack allows for businesses to run their own hardware in the system whenever they choose. This is unlike AWS which must use Amazon hardware for their data centers.

Those reading up on the OpenStack tutorial can see how to incorporate their own hardware into the OpenStack system. One of the largest companies to use OpenStack, AT&T, will have 75% of its network on the system by 2020.

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However, because of its sheer size, the Amazon Web Services are used by so many businesses to run their cloud operations. Everything is self-contained even if they have to use the Amazon software. Basically, Amazon provides a large cloud platform that features a number of services all for low prices while OpenStack lets its operators use their own systems. So the two are not so much competing, but actually complimenting the strengths and weaknesses of the other.

In the end, there is little doubt that Amazon AWS beats OpenStack in terms of sheer size. It’s open source, cloud-computing protocol is a multi-billion-dollar organization. However, in terms of the strength of its services, OpenStack is certainly right up there with AWS and may be superior thanks to its combination of reliability, low cost, and overall support.

However, the rise of OpenStack has caused Amazon to revitalize the services of AWS which means that the competition is forcing both companies to provide better service to their customers. In the end, this means that the winner between Amazon AWS and OpenStack are the businesses that use their services.


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