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Disk2VHD 2.0 Utility tool to convert Physical disks to VHD

Microsoft has introduced the new tool to convert the physical system to the virtual disk file. Most of the other similar tool does not provide any conversion online, but disk2VHD tool provides online conversion of physicals disk which is running inside the physical, virtual machined and hyper-v VM’s.Disk 2 VHD tool provides the VHDx or VHD virtual disk format. Disk 2 vhd tool is completely free and we can download disk2vhd.exe from Microsoft website. (more…)

How to Install Hyper V 2016 on VMware Workstation

Learn How to Install Hyper V on Windows Server 2016, Hyper-V is actually a Microsoft’s hardware virtualization solution. It will allows you to create virtual machines, Every VM functions just like a complete computer, operating an OS and applications. Virtual machines offer you more mobility, help save money and time. (more…)

How to Configure Active Directory in Windows Server 2016

Windows Server 2016 is the new edition of Windows Server and in this post I will show you step by step on how to configure Active Directory in Windows Server 2016, Active Directory is probably the most in-demand solutions on business networks. Along with offering basic authentication and authorization services, Active Directory allows a lot of other features that it is popularity is no surprise. (more…)

How to Setup BgInfo to Display System Information

In this post, I will show you how to Setup BgInfo on the Desktop, Bginfo can display various details about the system you’re logged in. Those information shows on the desktop/server you’re logged in, this is a free software which is not new. Although the value it brings is really good over the years. (more…)