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Booting Process in Linux RHEL 7

In this post, I will guide you booting process in linux RHEL 7, it is very important to know the linux booting process to troubleshoot and fix boot issues. Redhat 7 replaced the init process (/sbin/init) with systemd (/usr/lib/systemd/systemd), systemd provides considerably more control compared to the init process does, although still supporting existing init scripts. (more…)

Differences Between RHEL 7 and RHEL 6

What’s new in RHEL Version 7? You will find a big list of modifications in RHEL 7, however only a few are fundamental. Linux Rhel 7 now uses Systemd instead of Init scripts for service startup and management. Default file system is XFS as an alternative to EXT4, XFS file system supports 500TB in size, also EXT4 file system is supported in Red Hat 7 with 50TB in size.¬†This post list out the differences between RHEL 7 and RHEL 6.¬† (more…)

Compare Linux XFS vs EXT4 File System

Linux Operating System has lots of different file system alternatives, with all the existing default is commonly used ext4. File systems are generally utilized in order for handling how the information is kept soon after any program no longer is utilizing it, how accessibility to the information is managed, what other information (metadata) is linked to the data itself, etc. This article helps you to understand the difference between Linux XFS vs EXT4 File System. (more…)