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Top 10 Best Voip service for Android

Here is the list of Top 10 Best Voip service for Android, In 2017 what a revolutionary year for android/iOS application development. Tons Application developed by 2017 and we have everything in play store for every work we can find the applications. The major revolution I come across is beating traditional telecommunication method. (more…)

How to Lineage OS Install in VMware Workstation

In this post let us see how to Lineage OS Install in VMware Workstation, LineageOS is also referred to as LineageOS Android Distribution and Lineage. Lineage-OS is actually a free of charge and open-source OS for mobile phones and tablet PC’s, depending on the Android mobile platform. (more…)

How to use putExtra() and getExtra() in Intent Android

In your android app, if you want to fetch any data like name, company name, mail id, etc.., while user sign in on Android app and display on second activity these data, we can easily achieve it using getExtra and putExtra in Intent Android. There are numerous of way for getting data from first to second activity, but in this article let us see how to get with putExtra and getExtra on getting user name to display on second activity. (more…)

How to use Explicit / Implicit android intents

In this article, let us see How to use explicit / implicit android intents, the utilization of intents is to communicate between Android components. Intents are objects of the android.content.Intent type. Your Android code can deliver these to the Android system defining the parts you are focusing on. (more…)

How to install Cyanogenmod OS in VMware Workstation

In this article let us see, how to install Cyanogenmod OS in VMware Workstation. CyanogenMod is really a mobile phone Operating System depending on Android but having a slightly various direction towards the one Google goes into. CyanogenMod 13 will not be updated. But you can continue to download and install earlier versions of Cynaogenmod. (more…)