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How to create Amazon EC2 Linux Instances

Let us see how to create Amazon EC2 Linux Instances, an instance is really a virtual server in the AWS cloud. With Amazon EC2, you are able to create and manage the OS (operating system) and applications which run on your AWS ec2 instances, you will get an Amazon EC2 for free using the AWS Free Tier, it won’t cost (ec2 instance pricing) you anything to finish this training. (more…)

How to install xcode on Windows 10

Let us see How to install Xcode on Windows 10? Xcode is really an integrated development environment (IDE) that includes a list of software development tools which can be developed by Apple especially for developing software on Mac OS X and iOS. The app development kit, Xcode isn’t designed for any other operating systems except Mac OS X and iOS. (more…)

How VMware HA Works?

In this article, let’s see How VMware HA Works? VMware High Availability (HA) have been introduced together with the release of vCenter Server In 2003. Exactly the same year, additional features such as VMotion, and Virtual SMP technology also released with VMware vSuite. (more…)

vSphere Load Balancing policies

In this article let us see how vSphere Load Balancing policies permit you to specify how the network traffic distributed between physical network adapters and the way to re-route the traffic in case there is a network adapter failure. (more…)

Kemp Load Balancer Review

In this post, let us see the Kemp Load Balancer Review. KEMP Technologies produces load balancing products that balance the user traffic between several servers within an organization, offering both virtual and hardware-based solutions. (more…)

Difference between NAS vs DAS vs SAN vs Cloud Storage

This is post let us see the difference between NAS vs DAS vs SAN vs Cloud Storage, For many years, external drives were the choice for consumers with huge data storage and data transfer needs, but those good old days are gone. Network storage will be the future of storage, and you will find four important types to take into consideration they are cloud, NAS, DAS, and SAN. (more…)