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vSphere Load Balancing policies

In this article let us see how vSphere Load Balancing policies permit you to specify how the network traffic distributed between physical network adapters and the way to re-route the traffic in case there is a network adapter failure. (more…)

Kemp Load Balancer Review

In this post, let us see the Kemp Load Balancer Review. KEMP Technologies produces load balancing products that balance the user traffic between several servers within an organization, offering both virtual and hardware-based solutions. (more…)

Difference between NAS vs DAS vs SAN vs Cloud Storage

This is post let us see the difference between NAS vs DAS vs SAN vs Cloud Storage, For many years, external drives were the choice for consumers with huge data storage and data transfer needs, but those good old days are gone. Network storage will be the future of storage, and you will find four important types to take into consideration they are cloud, NAS, DAS, and SAN. (more…)

Top 10 Best Voip service for Android

Here is the list of Top 10 Best Voip service for Android, In 2017 what a revolutionary year for android/iOS application development. Tons Application developed by 2017 and we have everything in play store for every work we can find the applications. The major revolution I come across is beating traditional telecommunication method. (more…)

Disk2VHD 2.0 Utility tool to convert Physical disks to VHD

Microsoft has introduced the new tool to convert the physical system to the virtual disk file. Most of the other similar tool does not provide any conversion online, but disk2VHD tool provides online conversion of physicals disk which is running inside the physical, virtual machined and hyper-v VM’s.Disk 2 VHD tool provides the VHDx or VHD virtual disk format. Disk 2 vhd tool is completely free and we can download disk2vhd.exe from Microsoft website. (more…)